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What you may find interesting is that I started my career first in the Criminal Justice field. I worked for CMPD for close to 5 years as an Evidence Technician. I did learn all about forensic photography but this is not where my love of photography first began. It wasn't until I had my first baby that I started wanting to document every little thing. By the time I had my second baby I really started learning from professionals I admired and taking every class I could on portrait photography. I didn't grow up with the luxury of photography so I do not have many pictures from my childhood. This created a desire in me to learn how to properly take photos myself to document my children's lives. 

Welcome! I'm Yesenia

As I documented and started taking photographs of my children and displaying them on our walls and coffee tables, I started to see the impact it made on them, seeing themselves as part of our family and the sense of belonging they had because of these visual reminders. Something that may seem pretty insignificant growing up really is vital to a child's emotional well being. Digital images have become the way we all document and share, but how often are we printing and displaying them in our homes? This has been what drives me in my business. I want every family to not just have an amazing portrait session, but to have that connection displayed in their homes, because every child deserves to feel loved, cherished, and feel like they belong.

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